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Vinland Kindred Publishing is owned and operated solely by Mrs. Cröwell. Casper Odinson Cröwell has been an Odinist/Heathen for over thirty years in which time he has been associated with numerous Odinist, Ásatrú and Folk oriented organizations. He is the Chieftain/Herjan and co-founder of the Vinland Kindred of the Order of the Sacred Circle of the Sons of Odin, 1519. He is also the co-founder of the Holy Nation of Odin, where he is the Chief Court Gothi and Director of Religious Services. He has dual Ph.D.’s in the fields of Comparative Religion and Metaphysics, as well as a Doctorate of Divinity in Odinist Theology and a minor law degree.  At age 60, he remains confined within the California State Prison System. He has no access to this site. All funds received are used to offset the cost of operating HNO and Vinland Kindred Publishing organizations and websites.



Ek Einherjar:
Hammer of the Gods

Ek Einherjar: 
Hammer of the Gods, 2nd edition

Vor Forn Siðr:
A handbook for the Living Einherjar and Valkyrjar

Current Issue, Newsletter of the Holy Nation of Odin

Other Publications:


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